Best Mixer grinder Under 1000

As a person starting a new chapter in life, you might need a mixer grinder. You may not have to cook for many members just yet. But you may still have to make that green chilli paste or the ginger, onion, and garlic paste for the curries. You may have to make the tomato puree and do not have time to use your grandma’s old grinding stone. The best would be to invest in just a mixer grinder under 1000. Yes, mixer grinders are pricing less than Rs.1000, and they are the best help you never knew you needed. 

Outstanding Features to Look for in Best Mixer Grinder Under 1000

  • Wattage: You can expect the mixer grinder under 1000 to have approximately 450 watts. This makes it ideal for light use and even for regular use. However, do not run the machine for long runs or stretches. Just take small quantities, and it will work in your favor. 
  • Speed Controls: There are as many as three to five-speed controls, and they can be helpful for you to manage the speed of a motor. You can use the mixer grinders for blending and juicing when the recommended speeds may be low. Make sure to use the mixer grinder for a limited time if you are using higher speeds. 
  • Jar Sizes: The mixer grinder under 1000 normally get two jars; one is a large jar with a handle and lid and a small chutney jar. They are easy to maintain and normally get a food-grade stainless steel body. The chutney jar may not have welded handles, but they also have ABS plastic polycarbonate see-through lids. These lids can give an easy view of the contents of the jar. 
  • Blades: Expect superior quality steel blades with serration on one side. However, most of these mixer grinders in this range do not have detachable blades. This means you will need to wash the jars with their blades on. Do not forget to wipe it dry after washing. 
  • Protection for You: Expect the wiring or cables to get a slot for wrapping around when the mixer grinder is not in use. They are made of durable materials. Keep them away from water at all times. The lids on the jars come with clasps to keep the contents in the jar safe when a grinder is on.

Why Should You Opt for Mixer Grinders under 1000?

There is a saying that if you have the right tools, you can do anything. This is why a beginner-level chef can rely on these basic mixer grinders available in the market. They are great for a single or two-person family with fundamental needs. They may need to use the mixer grinder once in a while. 

They have some basic features, which are usually enough to take your culinary delicacies forward. You should opt for the same if you have spices and chutneys to make in general.

What All You Can Benefit from Mixer Grinder under 1000?

Pocket-Friendliness: When the regular mixer grinders come for above Rs. 2500, these options less than Rs. 1000 are great. You can use them for all your basic curries and gravy needs. 

Small Family Needs: Did you know you can use these mixer grinders for all your home needs? Your daily juice needs, baby food preparations, and even curry or weekend shake for kids all can happen with these. 

Easy to Maintain and Store: You should go for these mixer grinders under Rs. 1000 because they do not take much storage. Just a couple of jars, and the entire mixer grinder is not a big machine by itself. So, you can keep it aside on the kitchen counter itself in the corner.